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Over the years, I have had the privilege of participating in several guest speaking events and design workshops. My work experience has given me a unique perspective on the industry, and my mission is to share insights and inspire the next generation of tech leaders.

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker or workshop leader for an upcoming event, please feel free to contact me via email.

Below’s an overview of my community involvement over the years ↓

 Guest Speaker 

Google Dev Fest

NYC – 2021

While employed at Amazon, I was invited to speak at a Google Dev Fest for SUNY college students in the Bronx, NY. During the presentation, my colleague Lauren Giacobo and I discussed the importance of teamwork and communication between designers and developers in creating immersive digital experiences.

 Design Workshop 

Career Day Workshop

Montclair Elementary School, NJ – 2023

On Career Day, I had the opportunity to teach 5th graders about UX/product design and how it impacts their daily lives. During the session, the students participated in a 3-minute rapid mobile sketch exercise where they created a customer journey based on a recent “Invention” assignment.

Despite the challenge, it was amazing to see the students’ passion for design thinking as they worked from the “call to action” button to providing diverse solutions to lead their customer to conversion. The experience was not only rewarding for me but also has the potential to inspire the next generation of innovators.

 Guest Speaker 

Community Catalyst

Recipient + Guest Speaker
Montclair Design Week, NJ – 2019

Montclair Design Week (MDW) is the official celebration of design in Montclair, New Jersey. It’s an opportunity to connect and engage with the community in a week of thought-provoking events that celebrate how design enriches lives.

In 2019, I was honored to receive the “Community Catalyst” award, speak abbout my journey into the tech industry and  involvement with Girls Who Code. 

 Design Workshop + Guest Speaker 

Girls Who Code

Summer Immersion Program
Amazon, NY – 2018

In collaboration with a small cohort of team members, we parnered together to create a scalable summer program for “Girls Who Code” participants across three offices. Additionally, I led a two-hour UX Sprint exercise to provide the students transparency into customer problems, designing thinking methods, and teamwork needed to be successful within the tech industry.

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