Google Voice Action 

“What The Poop”

Hands-free support powered by your voice

For new parents, analyzing their baby’s dirty diaper is part of the course as it provides a visual cue if their digestion and nutritional intake are progressing well. In the pre-pandemic days, parents easily visited the doctor's office to discuss potential concerns. However, in 2020, leaving home for routine visits already caused enough anxiety that parents turned to the web for resources and feeding remedies.

How can Enfamil use Voice Technology to alleviate parent’s concerns about suspected feeding issues, while also building a bridge with their baby’s pediatrician?

In 2020, Enfamil launched “What the Poop,” a Google Voice App to help parents identify their baby’s nutritional intake and identify early symptoms relating to digestion or a cow’s milk allergies. This non-diagnostic tool provides all parents the ease of decoding the color & texture of their baby's poopy diapers hands-free.

 MVP to In-Market Activation

Start small. Build quickly. Test & learn.

1) Discovery
: User Research + Ideation Sessions 

2) VX Flow + UX Development
Iterative Wireframing | VX Research | Creation of low fidelity prototypes

3) Multi-wave MVP Launches
Iterate, Test, Break, Repeat (& eventually make better) 

4) Go-to-Market Testing
Determine creative, messaging, and tone-of-voice that will garner the highest level of engagement

5) Internal Awareness +  Scalable Solutions 
Sharing of Google performance results + Plans to expand onto Alexa

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Retail Media SaaS

Microsoft Advertising

Maximize ad revenue + audience reach via retail channels

Retail Media Networks (RMNs) are a fast-growing segment in digital advertising, with a projected CAGR of +12% from 2022 to 2027.

While third-party cookies become a method of the past, RMNs are booming as they offer advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their target audience and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior.
As a UX Lead in Microsoft Advertising, I was a steward for user-centered design and a key stakeholder within a cross-functional, global cohort. Our objective was to create the industry’s most complete omnichannel retail media stack, connecting audiences seamlessly onsite, offsite, and in-store.

In September 2022, the platform beta-launched, enabling retailers to generate incremental sales with AI-powered performance insights driving sales, customer acquisition, and consumer loyalty.

While the platform evolves and incorporates new functionality, it continues to deliver on its core mission of empowering retailers to achieve more with tools to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, with the help of Microsoft, retailers are now poised to become conduits of business growth, connecting their first-party audiences to brand partners at various stages of their consumers’ shopping journey.


Product Strategy + Implementation UX Vision 
Storytelling + Steward of Cross-Org Alignment
User Research + Consumer Journey Mapping
Workshop / Ideation Session Facilitator
Wireframes, Site Maps, Interaction Flows
Agile + Rapid Iterative Designs in Figma (UI/UX)
Low-Fi + High-Fi Prototypes
Usability Testing, Iterative User Interviews

Design System + Component Library Contributor


Full-Funnel Performance Marketing

Neuriva, Brain Performance 

Braining Better with Digital Transformation Strategies 

Neuriva, a brain-performance supplement, was launched in late 2019 with a mission to help consumers put brain health into their hands.

Unsatisfied with Neuriva’s initial performance results, the brand was in need of overhauling it’s initial marketing plan.This opportunity enabled Neuriva to become the 1st brand (within Reckitt Benckiser) to pilot a digital-first marketing approach leveraging real-time performance metrics to drive cross-channel business growth.

eRB’s Digital Transformation Pilot

Introduces data-driven, cross-channel digital activations based on audience insights and lead by ML / performance marketing.

Phase 1: Audit + Competitive Analysis
Develop a new stream of creative based on performance metrics and competitor insights.
Phase 2: Build the Base
Retarget consumers, test-out creatives strategies, and leverage ML to establish multi-channel benchmarks.
Phase 3: Full-funnel Retargeting
Leverage cross-channel signals to drive users to engaging web content that steers them into the purchasing funnel.

 Integration of Performance Marketing + Consumer-Centric Personalization 
1) Audit of AOR Content + Development of Creative Adaptations

2) Analysis of CX journey + cross-channel engagement 

3) Performance analytics + website optimizations to supercharge D2C conversions

4) Full-funnel, creative iterations based on ML + real-time data

Multi-Ad Product Brand Experiences

Amazon Advertising 

“Day 1” from 2014 – 2018

Before the birth of “Fire TV” + “Alexa,” there was “Amazon Media Group” – it's offices were only located in Seattle & NYC.

As the 1st female Amazonian to join the Design & Tech team (8 members in total), our mission was to shift the advertising landscape + entice the industry to see as a viable channel to drive business growth.

Below’s an overview of brand experiences + prototypes I’ve developed while working at Amazon from 2014 – 2018  ↓

 Custom Landing Page  

L’Oreal Paris, Pure-Clay Mask

Millenial + Gen Z consumers want to treat multiple skin concerns however, they’re unaware of multi-masking.

Make the discovery and trial phases less frustrating by creating a landing page that educates consumers about multi-masking's benefits.

This custom execution highlighted key skin concerns while recommending  L'Oreal product combos / applications to achieve their skincare goals.
•500K in Amazon Ad Sales
• Impressions: 900,000 
• CTR: 116%
• Engagement Rate (LP tabs): 80%  
• Avg. Dwell Time: 20 Sec

 Display + Online Video 

Zyrtec, AllergyCast

Johnson & Johnson's allergy brand, Zyrtec, was one of the pioneer CPG companies to lean into Voice technology. Despite being a first-mover in launching their "AllergyCast" Alexa Skill, the brand struggled to acquire early adopters & repeat visitors.

Consumers want allergy relief but are not fully aware of what’s making them sneeze.

To help Zyrtec connect with these consumers, my team leveraged the brand’s assets to creative captivating  Ad units to educate + entice users to enable Zrytec’s "AllergyCast"Skill. 

Additionally, we incorporated visual cues to generate awareness on various ways to ivoke the Skill + utlitianrian beneift of receiving a daily “AlleryCast” report tailored on how pollen and other allergens can impact their day.
• 700K in Amazon Ad Sales

 Internal Experimentation 

Amazon Ad Repository

In 2014, Amazon struggled with teams working in silos+ lacked a unifying, internal tool that invigorated team members to look inward for inspiration.

Create an advertising repository where Amazonians worldwide can leverage / share insights to drive efficiencies, foster scalable innovations, and generate ad revenue growth.
There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your concept seedling transform into a real-world Amazon experience after years of ux research, program doc writing, iterative
prototype builds, cross-org
stakeholder meetings, and
multi-phased site implementations.

See the final product

 Custom Ad Solution – Product Recommender Tool 

L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Coverup

For the multi-tasking women who are always on the move, setting aside time to visit the hair salon for a color treatment isn’t always an option.

Give women the opportunity to flawlessly cover-up their roots within seconds from the comfort + convenience of their home.

Create a first-to-market “Product Selector Tool" that recommends the most compatible “Magic Root Cover-Up Spray" to achieve flawless roots.

In two simple steps, the complexity of choosing a matching hair color has been streamlined.  First, the user picks their existing hair color brand, then the consumer selects a color swatch to complete their at-home hair transformation.

Responsibilities of an Amazonian Creative Lead 

• Facilitating Brainstorming + Ideation Sessions
• Presentations + Sales Pitches
• Consumer Journey Mapping
• Wireframing + UX Design
• Creative Direction + Visual Design
• Off-shore Production + Design Optimization
• Thinking Big (Experimentation + Prototyping)

iOS + Andrioid Mobile App 

Enfamil Family
Beginnings App

Parenthood Made Easy

A mobile device is the essential tool for all new & expecting parents. This trusty sidekick enables search at parent’s fingertips, online / offline support networks, and accessibility to engaging digital content.

Enfamil will develop a mobile hub to serve as the core accelerator in building transformative relationships and driving business growth.

The Enfamil Family Beginnings app will be a key enabler in establishing a unified consumer experience – from CRM enrollments, online conversions, loyalty and advocacy. From conception to a baby’s 1st birthday, the mobile experience provides product offerings and personalized content for every milestone.

 End-to-End Development 

Start small. Build quickly. Test & learn.

1) Business Case + Empathy Mapping
: User Research + Ideation Sessions 

2) Rapid Ideation + Low-fidelity sketches
Iterative Wireframing | VX Research | Creation of low fidelity prototypes

3) Iterative Design System based on UAT testing 
Iterate, Test, Break, Repeat (& eventually make better) 

4) Mobile Screen Framework + Development
Implement an intuitive & cohesive UI, Design Sysytem, and CX that will garner the highest level of engagement

5) Mobile Icon Discovery for APAC Market

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